Hi! My name is Cedric Spalvieri.

I live in the beautifull city of Lyon 🇫🇷, with a wonderful wife and two amazing terrors daughters.
As far as I remember, I’ve always loved tweaking computer related stuff. 🤓

This natural curiosity toward computer behavior led me to coding, and I’ve done it in a professional context for more than ten years now. These years spent coding in teams of various shapes made me realise than more thant the code itself, its quality lies in the people who write it.

I’m now CTO at Novaway, where I try to make the most of my interest for behavioral psychology to enhance processes and practices, keeping the empowerment of the people I work with as a priority.

Latest Blog Post

03 Oct 2015 . psychology . Mr. Robot and the psychology of hacking

Mr Robot was one of the most exciting TV show this summer. Its plot was well structured, the work on images and music was executed perfectly, and, as many programmers noted, the tech was (for once) pretty accurate.

As a matter of fact, it was so accurate that most of the hacking process in the show is not technical at all, but psychological.



I’m quite new in the talk game. Nevertheless, I enjoy it because so far it has been a great opportunity to learn new things, meet wonderfull people and have fun.
Here are the talks I’ve already given.
They are in french, but I can translate them if you are really interested in the subject.
Of course, I can also discuss the subject with french speaking people.

Egoless programming
You are not your code

@ BlendWebMix - Oct. 2015

This was a talk about Jerry Weinberg's Egoless Programming, focusing on its 10 commandments.

📅 Upcoming talks

October 05th, 2017 - Paris Web
I’ll give a short talk about maintenance and how to leave a proper codebase for project newcomers.


  • 2011 - Today

    CTO @Novaway, setting best practices and sharing knowledge

  • 2008 - 2011

    Developer in the Application Service division, on mobility and Cloud Computing subjects

  • 2002 - 2008

    Graduated as an engineer in the Distributed Computing major

  • 1998

    Started coding with QBasic, mostly making shapes trying to catch one another


Drop me an email if you want to talk about technical stuff or any other subject.
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