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19 Feb 2015 | 2 minutes de lecture

Categories: Tips

Tags: introduction, writing, sharing

My name is Cedric Spalvieri, I’m better know on the internet as le_skwi. I’m french, in my early 30’s, and I make a living mostly writing code for a web company called Novaway. And I have decided to blog about it.

Because there are already plenty of other developers’ blog, and lots of them with great content, let me first tel you what led me to writing this one, and why, hopefully, you will find here some things you’ll wish you had known before.

To be honest, I’ve been hesitating for a long time before opening a blog about web development, mostly because I’ve spent a long time suffering for what I’ve recently learned to be called the impostor syndrome. I still don’t think that I’m a great developer, and I would be fooling myself if I did, but I have some skills that makes me a reasonably good one.

I don’t mean skills like language knowledge or dev-tools mastering, but soft skills and understanding of how we, as human beings, are wired. A lot of people think that because coding is basically talking to a machine, we need to always improve our code and our tools. We do, actually, but there is much more to it. Every single line of code is somehow the result of a human mind, and studying the mind is a way to improve software.

I’m not an expert in psychology and development processes, I’ll probably never be, and there are plenty of other people who know better about it than me. But there are also people who know less or who want to talk about it, and I’ve discovered that I love sharing.

So welcome to this new blog ! I hope that it will at least tickle your curiosity, should you be a fellow developer, someone working with our kind, or just passing by.